Use your own storage

Whether you want to store your backups in your own datacenter, onsite or using customly configured servers in our datacenter, we’ve got you covered.

Public Cloud can set up hyper-secure backup solutions using all major cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud and many others.

Replicate for protection

Using geo-replication, we duplicate your entire backup to a unique secondary location to ensure that whatever happens, you will never lose your data.

Use your
own storage

The Partner Management Panel gives you full control and allows you to add customers on-demand or via our automation plugins. Add quota for your customers, set custom branding, set up easy billing and much more.


We install our backup service onto a backup server on your premises.

In your datacenter

Simply create secure backups on your own datacenter

In our datacenter

Install your tailored hardware in our own datacenter in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fully compatible with the public cloud allows you to store your backups on a wide range of public cloud services such as Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. This way, you enjoy the security and ease of use of Acronis’ backup ecosystem with the cloud storage provider of your choice. We will help you set up your backups and provide support along the way.

Use geo-replication to ensure safe data

Using geo-replication, you can create a mirror of your data in a separate, unique location, to ensure the most optimal data security possible.

... and much more

A universal, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and scalable software-defined storage solution that combines block, file, and object workloads and uses industry-standard hardware.

Powered By
Storage 2.7
Archive Storage

Protects Agentless, Agent & Host systems, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, as well as recovering entire hosts.

File Storage

Protection of critical business applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Office 365.

Object Storage

Protects all physical platforms with trusted backup, including Windows Server and Linux servers.

High Performance Storage

Microsoft Windows PC and Mac, laptops and desktops, Office 365 mailboxes, iOS and Android devices.

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Enterprise storage pricing offers various licensing options for using Acronis Storage 2.4 on your location or in our datacenter. We offer attractiver per gigabyte pricing and set up a tailor made storage infrastructure to suit all your data needs.

For Backups

Combining the power of Backup Cloud to your choice of Acronic Storage, on your hardware or to the cloud.

Your Object Storage

Create your own enterprise storage solution to securely store all types of data protected Acronis Storage.

15c / gb
Our Object Storage

Hosted in our datacenter, easily create S3 Object Storage Buckets to host your mission criticl data on standard or superfast high-speed storage.

25c / gb
45c / gb