Feburary 25, 2015
Art Camps Awaken Inspiration!

Art Camps Awaken Inspiration!

Print, paint, draw, sculpt, sew, throw, hammer, carve and glue! The Hudgens offers seven weekly fine art camps for budding young artists. Each week is an all new experience themed with different projects and activities.

Immerse yourself in visual art this summer at The Hudgens! Scroll down to read more and register today!

Comments from previous year’s campers: Loved my child’s enthusiasm every day, & the Art Show! The quality of this camp is very high! My child loves the instructors. I also like the quality of the work produced. She loved being able to express herself creatively! You all are such a blessing to our community! [My child] loves, loves, loves it! The Hudgens has great instructors — kind, caring and patient.

(To view photographs taken during our Summer Camps on Facebook, click here.)

Career & Teaching Opportunities

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